We design and manufacture beautiful cabinetry as well as provide design services to residential & commercial clients.


Interior design

We design classical interiors for private residences and collaborate with other interior designers to create beautiful, welcoming homes.

Commercial interiors

We have extensive experience designing &  delivering interiors for offices and commercial spaces. Our clients include leading companies in sectors such a aviation, finance, pharmaceutical & entertainment.


Furniture Design

We design and manufacturer cabinetry and furniture pieces for residential and commercial clients.  We combine metals, woods and unusual finishes to create unique pieces for our clients.

Different from the typical


Cabinet makers are like engineers; focused on the construction, so when you combine a cabinet maker with a designer, you get creativity with good engineering. Add a great metal worker and you now have a team that can design and produce great pieces.

Working under the name Robert Mark Trench for the cabinetry design, we have been designing and producing pieces bespoke cabinetry for residential and commercial clients

For images of work we have carried out for clients, visit our Instagram page StudioTrench.




A 1980's bungalow gets a new coat of paint


An untouched 1980's four roomed bungalow (2 beds, kitchen & living room) was transformed into a relaxing haven for our client, who wanted a comforting home where she could turn the key and walk into a hotel suite than a typical house. By extending the house out by 3 meters and creating multiple zone within the house, it results in a house that feels far larger than its 80 square metre footprint. We also knocked down the original corridor wall and replaced with a open bookcase to increase the sense of space.

The client wanted textures and tones, which was achieved through use of wallpapers, brass framework around doors,  woven wool herringbone carpet. Wait till you see what we did with the garden...